Aku terjumpa artikel tentang minuman yang aku minat ni semasa tengah bosan melayari internet pagi tadi.  Artikel ini amat mengejutkan aku.  Pada mulanya aku ingat “Soy Online Service” ni ialah sebuah laman web yang mempromosikan tentang susu soya namun aku sungguh terkejut bila membaca artikel-artikel yang ada di web tersebut.

Selain itu aku ingin jugak berkongsi sebuah surat dari seorang ibu yang  anaknya yang alah dengan susu lembu dan telah dinasihatkan oleh doktor keluarganya supaya membeli susu berasaskan soya yang memang terkenal mahal harganya.

So aku rasa anda mungkin berminat dengan testimoni ini serta laman web ‘soy online service yang menerangkan secara terperinci tentang keburukan soya yang sedap dan terkenal itu.

Welcome to Soy Online Service.

Soy Formula Testimonies

I am again thanking you for your articles. It is quite evident that my
daughter’s problems with her thyroid is related to the soy products
prescribed by her doctor. I cannot believe that I paid for expensive
prescriptive milk that others knew could present a problem. For several
years during her growing adolescence the soy milk given to her directly
caused many of the illnessness she has. The graves disease and the
autoimmune diseases caused by the thyroid have to be connected to the
products given to her when she was a baby. I am going to go back and get

her records and prescriptions for this product. There are many doctor
visits that are now explained. If this was not a public web page, I
utter an obscenity to those who had any knowledge at all of the
dangers to developing children from soy products. If at all possible, I
will do what ever it takes to start a campaign to remove all soy milk
products from babies. My daughter was given a prescription for soy milk
and was fed this for over three years. She now has a thyroid illness and

will need to have the thyroid removed by radioactive measures. I am
devastated to find out that our efforts to provide her a milk
when she was young might have caused this illness now.
I have eleven year old fraternal twin boys. One of the boys was fed soya

milk formula due to lactose intolerance; he was approximately 3 months
at commencement. There is a marked difference in the boys’ development
body shape. For example the breast fed and regular formula fed boy is
slim, wiry, active and highly articulate. His brother is over weight,
sluggish, and whilst tests show he is highly intelligent, he is under
achieving. He also has excessively large breasts in relation to the size

of the rest of his body.
Personally, I am fortunate to have a friend who is very close to a
scientist in England. Five years ago he said, “No amount of soy is good
for you, don’t eat it.” I don’t, but 16 years ago I fed it to my baby
who had a problem with milk. She now has all the symptoms of a classic
baby, menstruated at the age of 10, low thyroid, frequent intense
migraines, learning disabilities and a skin disease that has been
associated with thyroid called vitilago. I believe that I harmed her by
feeding her soy formula, and the fact that there wasn’t even a whisper
that I might be hurting her, makes it worse. I recently picked up an old

book (1950) on thyroid in the library which clearly stated that soy had
negative impact on thyroids, That information was known 50 years ago,
has been silenced by marketing, payola.
My daughter was fully breast fed until I became ill when she was 5
old. She was weaned very suddenly from me and suffered a serious body
rash, which my doctor attributed to cows milk formula. He suggested that
give her soy formula and informed me that it was a ‘healthier option’
cow’s milk. I trusted my GPs expertise and I trusted that a product
not possibly be on sale for consumption by infants, unless it had been
tested and approved. I now fear that my trust was misplaced. My daughter

consumed soy for just over 12 months. In her second year she surged in
growth beyond what our families or we would have expected, according to
our family sizes. Shortly after her fourth birthday she began to
experience a regular feminine discharge, which still persists today. The

discharge has been repeatedly investigated, without conclusion, and she
has seen a gynaecologist a number of times: something, which strikes me
very odd at such a tender age. I recently learned about the potential
dangers of soy formula and I have investigated matters as fully as I
possibly can. My research has taken me around the world and my
are very ominous. That is the crux of the matter; I did not know that
infant formula contained potentially harmful chemicals. Had I known, I
would never have used it. Surely for it to remain available to another
generation of babies, however few in number, we have to be sure that it
safe, if its sale is to be sanctioned?
My son (now aged 17) was bought up on Isomil, as he was hospitilised
a severe lactose allergy, which I also had as an infant. He developed a
thyroid condition at the age of 7 and needed to undergo emergency
for thyroid cancer.
“My pediatrician advised my mother when I was a new born that I was
allergic to breast milk. I was given soy products as an infant until I
could eat solid foods. I have suffered from hypothyroidism, had a left
thyroid lobotomy and the frozen section showed that I had a tumor. I
developed a goiter around the age of 7 years old. When the goiter
in size by the time I was 16 I begged my family doctor to send me to an
Endocrinologist. My Endocrinologist at that time diagnosed me with
hypothyroidism. The goiter did not decrease in size with the treatment
Synthroid and subsequently he tried to drain my goiter as if it was a
cyst. Without results, I was sent to Surgeon for removal of the left
thyroid. As an adult, now 29, should I refrain from using Soy products?
Could the soy products given to me as an infant have led to my problems
with my thyroid now?”
“I have a 14 year old daughter who suffers from Hashimoto’s Disease. She

was diagnosed about 3 years ago. When she was an infant, her
had me put her on Soy Milk, which I did. I was horrified to learn when
was 10 years old that she had an auto immune disease called Hashimoto’s!
have no thyroid problems in my family that I am aware of. My husband has
few elderly relatives who are hypothyroid. In fact my husband, just last

year, began taking Synthroid. None of these relatives had a thyroid
problem as a child, they were all middle aged or above at the onset”.
I am 45 years old and was fed a soy based formula as a baby called
pro-sobee. I have had thyroid nodules for about 20 years, but only
diagnosed in the last 8 years or so. I had the left side of my thyroid
removed about 11 days ago along with the
bridge between the sides due to a needle biopsy that showed some hurthle

cells. The biopsy was done after the left nodule had grown even after
Synthroid had been used for many years in an attempt to suppress the
functioning nodules. I have just found this information on soy formula
the possibility of thyroid problems. I also have been drinking soy milk
recently to help with hot flashes in peri-menopause. I would be
in any information you can provide.

Thank You